Air Conditioning

  • ARC Lic. No. AU 02537
  • Repair or Installation


Auto Electrical Repairs

  • Batteries, alternators, starter motors
  • Lighting
  • Accessories
  • Dual battery and solar panel systems

We Service A Wide Range of Vehicles

  • Passenger cars and light commercial vehicles
  • Trucks and trailers
  • Caravans and trailers
  • Boats and other watercraft
  • Agricultural equipment


Wiring Looms

  • Manufacture new looms for classic/vintage vehicles
  • Repair and revamp existing looms
  • Cotton braided looms
  • PVC taped looms
  • Full fitting service

Wide Range of Vehicles

  • Passenger cars and light commercials
  • Trucks and trailers
  • Classic and vintage vehicles (1920s-1980s)
main ignition loom before and after

Manufacturing Wiring Looms

The manufacture of a wiring loom can be a timely job, as they have to be designed according to electrical and geometric requirements. A plan or diagram is made for the assembly preparation, and then the wires are cut, fitting the ends with the required terminals or connectors. Some vintage vehicles have fuse panels and connectors that are no longer available to purchase, so the originals have to be restored and rust removed to allow for proper electrical conductivity. If the loom is being made in the car, it will be mapped out as the job is progressing. Some looms are made outside of the vehicle, and in this case, a 3.6 metre mapping board is used for the assembly of the cables into the complete loom.

Once the cables are all in place, the loom is wrapped in protective PVC tape, fabric tape or cotton braided, depending on the vehicle and customer preference. A great deal of engineering is required, taking in both mechanical and electrical requirements. While your car electrics are not something you think of, like you might the shiny new paint job, without your electrics working well, you are always going to be a step behind.

Wiring Looms Explained

Wiring Looms, also known as a wiring harness, are the assembly of electrical cables or wires that transmit signals or electrical current to all working parts on your vehicle. The cables are all bound together with either electrical tape, PVC tube, or in vintage vehicles, a weave of cotton braiding. Essentially, like the wiring in your home, they allow everything in your car to operate! When properly done, the wiring loom is a complete, neat assembly that better secures you against the adverse effects of vibrations, abrasions and moisture which can lead to short circuits, faults and even fires.

firewall wiring befoer and after

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